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Here’s what the best and brightest in the industry have to say about

Chic Little Devil Style House . . .

“Chic Little Devil is a great resource for stylists in Los Angeles. They have a huge inventory of clothes that work for a wide variety of projects ranging from music videos, to editorial, to red carpet, to commercials. The team is extremely nice and helpful and always tries to do their best to help you however they can. Chic Little Devil is really a great tool for any stylist!”

NRA- costume designer and wardrobe stylist for Celebrity, TV, Music Video and Film


“None of our success would have been possible without your support. Thanks to you, we have built BritWeek into a strong brand, recognized not just in Los Angeles but elsewhere in the United States and increasingly in the UK. We are already receiving inquries from the UK from people wanting to become part of next year’s BritWeek program.”

Mindy Gail
Executive Director, BritWeek
CLD was instrumental in the BritWeek show


“Thank you Rebecvca and Chic Little Devil for your amazing hard work, fantastic taste, and patience with all of us.  You’re an important part of The Stunners team!”

Ron Baldwin
The Stunners Manager


“I’m so impressed by not just all the fabulous things you have in your showroom, but your level of professionalism. It so pleasurable to come into a showroom that is accommodating and NICE! Thank you very much for your great business edict. I very much look forward to working with you again.”

Bory Tan
Stylist, “How Do I Look” & My Chemical Romance


“Chic Little Devil….OUR NEW OBSESSION!”

Nicole Allowitz
Costume Designer Access Hollywood


“I have never felt so pretty in my life! Thanks a million! I will be coming by and raiding your stuff ALL the time from now on!”

Holly Montag
The Hills


“Congratulations on the success of CLD!! All of us here at Dallin Chase are very excited for you and all you have done! All the best with everything we look forward to continuing to work with you and if you are ever in New York come visit! Take care.”

Jason Cauchi
Dallin Chase


“Rebecca and CLD have been so nice, accommodating and helpful on all kinds of events for me, including styling for a photo shoot, a music video, performances and appearances. Since I started working with CLD, people have begun to compliment me constantly about my styling, and that is of great value to me.

I am excited to continue benefitting from Rebecca’s expertise and personalized care, as well as CLD’s incredible resources.  They are my new secret weapon!”

Mia Sable



“You guys are the new guard.  You’re where it’s at and where it’s going.”

Maggie Barry



“To pull what I pulled from Chic Little Devil today I would have had to go to 20 showrooms and it would have taken 3 prep days!”


Shiffy Silberstein



“For my upcoming movie there’s a $45,000 wardrobe budget and I wouldn’t trust it to anyone but Chic Little Devil.”


Tommy Davidson
Actor & Producer




I am so happy I found Chic Little Devil.  It is like a candy store for a stylist with an in house team of stylists that are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

I love coming in because they have unique, interesting clothing and accessories and even more fabulous personal service.  No matter how busy they are they will help you put together any look you need.

I highly recommend Chic Little Devil to any stylist.”

Amanda Lalique