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Gypsy Junkies is a contemporary women’s line that embodies youth, freedom and boho style with the ingenuity and design perspective of designers Marcus Paglialongo, of Ron Herman’s Fred Segal fame and Cynthia Crighton, a retail veteran. After successfully combining their talents on a variety of projects, Marcus and Cynthia took the next step into apparel and accessories, but first they traveled to all corners of the world to find inspiration and the best materials available. Inspired by their international travels as well as the street style of Los Angeles, Gypsy Junkies is a sartorial embodiment of bohemian youth with just a bit of rebellion. Worldwide inspiration blends with impeccable style and perfectly executed fit to encompass a line of apparel that transcends from day to night and from casual to dressy. Combining boho sensibility with quintessential So-Cal edge, the Gypsy Junkies girl is always contemporary and never contrived. 




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2013 MTV Movie Awards - Red Carpet

Gypsy, Old Gringo, Pink Basis - Gypsy

Big Time Rush Press Conference And Tour Announcement Avril - Gypsy Haati

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