Since the year 2000, handcrafted leather boots have been Ernie Taurat and Yan Ferny’s passion. By combining the expertise of leather manufacturing and European design, Old Gringo began creating and distributing footwear of superior quality and unique style. It is from this passion that Old Gringo pushes the traditional Western envelope with artisan handcrafted boots and outer wear that captures vintage charm and contemporary styles.  Old Gringo’s domestic and international customer base consists of men and women who are fashion focused and career minded. They demand custom footwear and luxurious leather goods that represent  variety of different styles. Their loyal and extensive client base includes well-known celebrities like Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert, who appreciate the handcrafted artistry needed to construct every boot.  With distinctive style and a vast following unlike the average ‘cowboy boot’ company, Old Gringo is able to merge  the fashion and western markets while still focusing on quality. 
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Old Gringo

OG12 OG11 Miranda - Old Gringo OG

OG Old Gringo copy 2 Old Gringo copy Old Gringo

Old Gringo


Old Gringo1 Old Gringo

OG? OG OldGringo4 OldGringo3 OldGringo2 OldGringo1

Willow Sheilds - OG

ekat:og Old Gringo

old gringo


Miranda Lambert - OG Miranda Lambert - OG copy

Nicky - DLD:OG:Enfants

old:push copy old gringo3 copy

OG copy

Jessica Stroup - OG:UN copy

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LeAnn - OG copy

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OG copy ekat:og copy

old gringo copy

old gringo collage Rebecca Romjin - OG copy

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Carrie UnderwoodOld gringo copy Old gringo copy


Kacey Musgraves - Old Gringo copy Miranda Lambert - OG copy

og:enfants copy OG! copy

brittny 2 OG Brittny - OG


Old gringo copy OG copy OG

old gringo Miranda Lambert - EXTRA OG:Eugenia copy


Rocky_barnes - Old Gringo


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Old Gringo

old gringo

old gringo

OldGringo2 OldGringo1

Lea Michele - Old Gringo

brian kelly - OG

OG collage

sw:old gringo

Lilly - OG

old gringo


OG! OG Lea Michele - Old Gringo


Kesha - Old Gringo


old gringo


old gringo

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old gringo

old gringo


old gringo

old gringo

Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje - Old Gringo

LeAnn - Old Gringo Cheryl Burke - NANIS Italian Jewels

LeAnn - Old Gringo

Old Gringo_2 Old Gringo_1